Family Photo Shoots

Family photography is about relationships and true connections. Of course, I will capture pictures of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but the real goal is to dive deeper and get to know your family more. It’s the in-between moments. Lifestyle family photography is directed, not posed. We work to guide you into positions that feel and look natural, as well as prompt you to get the incredible images I am known for.


New Born Photography

As a new mother, especially with your first baby, I know that you are overwhelmed with so many emotions. There are feelings of joy, excitement, worry, and even wonder. The unknown is a little scary, but when hiring a professional photographer, there shouldn’t be any concern or worry. This is a time to capture all of the beautiful things happening in your life, to you, your growing family, and your sweet baby.


Engagement Photo Shoot

Make the first portrait of you and your love a special one. We will craft a session that highlights the joy and celebration of your feelings for each other. Engagement photography is a great way to cherish these first moments of your journey together. You can choose your outdoor location and I will make sure you feel comfortable, have fun, and are free to focus on each other not on the details of the shoot.


Maternity Photography

Capture the joy, beauty and significance of pregnancy with a personal maternity portrait session. Maternity photography can be intimidating to some women, but our friendly team will make you comfortable, relaxed, and feeling beautiful. This special time in your life can never be recreated or copied. That’s why we help you capture images that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Kid’s Photography

Kids grow up too fast. Let me capture those precious moments in children’s portraits. Bring in your child’s favorite toy or book and I will bring out their unique personality and capture the true spirit of your child. No fake smiles! Alone or with their siblings, our experienced child photographers know how to work with kids of all ages. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or first communion, we are here to capture your kid’s portraits to cherish and share.


Outdoor Headshots

Outdoor headshots are a great option for a more relaxed, yet professional look.  The natural environment provides a soft and colorful background.  When we schedule outdoor headshots, we have to plan ahead a little more than with a studio session. We want to schedule around the best times for outdoor portraits which is usually within 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. These are the optimal times when the lighting is softer and warmer. For photographers, the lighting is key to ensuring a well-lit and properly exposed photograph.



I always strive to provide high quality photography service for our clients from all industries at competitive rates. I provide my clients the processed images at 2 resolutions that are ideal for print and online use, within 5-10 business days.

Rates may vary depending on the scope of project.

Basic photo shoot starts at $125 / hour

Photo editing starts at $75 / hour

Half day rate: $599| Full day rate: $995

(Includes travel time)

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